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Stand fan HO.VEP401MQ 17.99Euro close 17.99Euro
Vacuum cleaner HO.AC9000ERP 47.99Euro close 47.99Euro
Deluxe stand fan HO.VEP501MQ 35.99Euro close 35.99Euro
Table fan HO.VET431MQ 23.99Euro close 23.99Euro
28 liters premium electric oven with convection HO.FE2806VPM 65.99Euro close 65.99Euro
Full-size synthetic wool electric blanket HO.RSS2LS 47.99Euro close 47.99Euro
24 liters electric oven with convection HO.FE2416V 51.48Euro close 51.48Euro
Water kettle HO.BE565 17.99Euro close 17.99Euro
Old fashioned pop corn maker HO.HPC512 35.99Euro close 35.99Euro
Half-size synthetic wool electric blanket HO.RSS1LS 29.99Euro close 29.99Euro
38 liters electric oven with convection HO.FE3804L 71.99Euro close 71.99Euro
Wet-dry vacuum cleaner HO.BAC1212 59.99Euro close 59.99Euro
Old fashioned cotton candy maker HO.HMZ352 35.99Euro close 35.99Euro
12 liters electric oven HO.FE121S 29.99Euro close 29.99Euro
45 liters electric oven with convection and rotisserie HO.FE4502R 131.99Euro close 131.99Euro
Travel hair streightner HO.HPI120 9.48Euro close 9.48Euro
Multifunzione con 4 rulli in acciaio 35.99Euro close 35.99Euro
Professional 600 Watt blender with glass jar HO.FM6011 29.99Euro close 29.99Euro
Wet and dry hair streightner HO.HPI500WD 15.48Euro close 15.48Euro
Stainless steel grill maker HO.GR780 143.00Euro close 143.00Euro
Grill maker HO.GR676 15.48Euro close 15.48Euro
Electric streightner brush HO.HPI200S 11.99Euro close 11.99Euro
Sub-Total: 966.75Euro
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