Product Qty. Price Edit Total
Steam cooker HO.VP800 29.90Euro close 29.90Euro
Muffin maker HO.MFM700 9.95Euro close 9.95Euro
Hair dryer with foldable handle and beauty case HO.HPT1603 12.99Euro close 12.99Euro
Grill maker HO.GR676 9.99Euro close 9.99Euro
Travel water kettle HO.BE080 14.90Euro close 14.90Euro
Old fashioned cotton candy maker HO.HMZ352 19.95Euro close 19.95Euro
Water kettle HO.BE565 12.99Euro close 12.99Euro
Old fashioned pop corn maker HO.HPC512 19.95Euro close 19.95Euro
Mini chopper HO.MCH150 11.99Euro close 11.99Euro
Electric streightner brush HO.HPI200S 8.99Euro close 8.99Euro
Professional 600 Watt blender with glass jar HO.FM6011 19.90Euro close 19.90Euro
Wet-dry vacuum cleaner HO.BAC1212 59.90Euro close 59.90Euro
Big grill maker HO.GR743 39.90Euro close 39.90Euro
Personal scale HO.HBP888BL 4.95Euro close 4.95Euro
Travel hair streightner HO.HPI120 4.99Euro close 4.99Euro
18 liters electric oven with convection HO.FE1814V 49.90Euro close 49.90Euro
Professional hair dryer HO.HP2027PRO 16.90Euro close 16.90Euro
Electric pepper-salt mill 2 in 1 HO.SP50A 4.95Euro close 4.95Euro
Professional 600 Watt blender with glass jar HO.FM6017 34.90Euro close 34.90Euro
2 in 1 steam vacuum cleaner HO.SEV8011A 49.90Euro close 49.90Euro
80 cm tower fan HO.VETT761MQ 28.79Euro close 28.79Euro
Stainless steel grill maker HO.GR780 33.59Euro close 33.59Euro
Gummy maker HO.GM400 6.45Euro close 6.45Euro
Multifunctional hand mixer HO.MIS410 34.90Euro close 34.90Euro
2 in 1 stick vacuum cleaner with hidden handle HO.SE1535ERP 59.90Euro close 59.90Euro
Digital scale for children HO.HBB222 17.99Euro close 17.99Euro
Sub-Total: 619.41Euro

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