Product Qty. Price Edit Total
Grill maker HO.GR676 15.90Euro close 413.40Euro
Electric hot plate HO.HPX183 24.90Euro close 473.10Euro
Travel hair streightner HO.HPI120 9.90Euro close 128.70Euro
Professional hair dryer HO.HP2027PRO 16.90Euro close 101.40Euro
Old fashioned pop corn maker HO.HPC512 14.90Euro close 59.60Euro
Big grill maker HO.GR743 29.90Euro close 568.10Euro
Electric oven with convection and no stick cavity HO.FE3021LPN 94.90Euro close 1,708.20Euro
Digital kitchen scale HO.HBC509 11.90Euro close 154.70Euro
Stand mixer HO.IMP520C 89.90Euro close 809.10Euro
Water kettle HO.BE566 17.90Euro close 304.30Euro
Juicer HO.SA110 13.90Euro close 111.20Euro
Coffee grinder accessory HO.ZACCFP3501 7.90Euro close 79.00Euro
Electric launch box HO.LB402G 6.90Euro close 55.20Euro
Stand mixer HO.IMP520 89.90Euro close 899.00Euro
Stand mixer with fermentation function HO.IMP521L 114.90Euro close 1,149.00Euro
Chopping board with digital kitchen scale HO.HBC159T 12.90Euro close 116.10Euro
Digital personal scale HO.HBP145 12.90Euro close 77.40Euro
Stainless steel grill maker HO.GR790 42.90Euro close 643.50Euro
Multifunction grill maker HO.GR753T 42.90Euro close 600.60Euro
Professional deep fryer HO.FR2020 39.90Euro close 518.70Euro
Digital kitchen scale HO.HBC673B 12.90Euro close 129.00Euro
Professional hair dryer with AC motor HO.HPAC2019PRO 22.90Euro close 160.30Euro
Hair dryer HO.HP1832 13.90Euro close 83.40Euro
Climatizzatore inverter 18000 BTU HO.VAIR1821 699.00Euro close 4,194.00Euro
Professional vacuum sealer HO.MSV9010N 19.90Euro close 159.20Euro
Professional 600 Watt blender with glass jar HO.FM6019 34.90Euro close 314.10Euro
Mixer with bowl HO.MX551B 23.90Euro close 167.30Euro
Electric oven with convection and no stick cavity HO.FE3020LPN 99.90Euro close 1,098.90Euro
1 burner gas stove HO.HPG119 19.90Euro close 218.90Euro
Multifunction hand blender HO.MIS106 25.90Euro close 207.20Euro
Mixer HO.MX451 14.90Euro close 178.80Euro
Travel set HO.HPT1605 22.90Euro close 68.70Euro
Juicer HO.HSA506 6.90Euro close 34.50Euro
Inset killer 8 Watt HO.HIK08N 9.90Euro close 39.60Euro
Steam station iron with water refilling system HO.FCC521 59.90Euro close 479.20Euro
Steam cleaner with accessories HO.SEV500 19.90Euro close 99.50Euro
Electric hot plate HO.HPX110 12.90Euro close 129.00Euro
Black stand mixer 59.90Euro close 119.80Euro
Borsa riscaldata con tasca scaldamani HO.RBT432 3.90Euro close 19.50Euro
Steam station iron HO.FCP221 59.90Euro close 419.30Euro
Professional 600 Watt blender with glass jar HO.FM6020PM 39.90Euro close 239.40Euro
Glass water kettle HO.BEV620 19.90Euro close 238.80Euro
Blender HO.HFR485N 19.90Euro close 159.20Euro
Personal scale HO.HBP133N 9.90Euro close 9.90Euro
Oil thermo-convector HO.TMO711 39.90Euro close 319.20Euro
Climatizzatore inverter 24000 BTU HO.VAIR2421 899.00Euro close 1,798.00Euro
Hand blender with beaker HO.MIS105N 17.90Euro close 89.50Euro
Hair streightner HO.HPI139 10.90Euro close 65.40Euro
Hair and beard trimmer 7 in 1 HO.BC700 23.90Euro close 71.70Euro
Stand mixer HO.IMP520B 89.90Euro close 359.60Euro
White stand mixer 59.90Euro close 59.90Euro
Steam station iron with water refilling system 49.90Euro close 49.90Euro
Wireless rechargeable hand mixer 12.90Euro close 12.90Euro
Travel set with hair dryer steam iron and travel bag 12.90Euro close 12.90Euro
Hair and beard trimmer 7 in 1 16.90Euro close 16.90Euro
Green stand mixer 59.90Euro close 59.90Euro
Big grill maker 14.90Euro close 14.90Euro
Toaster HO.HF476 16.90Euro close 84.50Euro
Stainless steel water kettle HO.BEA591 19.90Euro close 59.70Euro
Sub-Total: 21,012.70Euro

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