Product Qty. Price Edit Total
Electric streightner brush HO.HPI200S 8.99Euro close 8.99Euro
Electric hot plate HO.HPX183 24.90Euro close 24.90Euro
LED rechargeable emergency lamp HO.LED68 9.95Euro close 9.95Euro
1 burner gas stove HO.HPG119 24.90Euro close 24.90Euro
Waffle maker HO.WFL500N 9.95Euro close 9.95Euro
Ceiling fan with wall control HO.VSL14044 24.95Euro close 24.95Euro
Muffin maker HO.MFM700 9.95Euro close 9.95Euro
Old fashioned cotton candy maker HO.HMZ352 19.95Euro close 19.95Euro
Water kettle HO.BE565 12.99Euro close 12.99Euro
Borsa riscaldata con tasca scaldamani HO.RBT432 4.95Euro close 4.95Euro
Travel hair streightner HO.HPI120 4.99Euro close 4.99Euro
4 burners gas stove HO.HPG419 59.90Euro close 59.90Euro
Borsa riscaldata HO.RBT421 4.95Euro close 4.95Euro
Electric pepper-salt mill 2 in 1 HO.SP50A 4.95Euro close 4.95Euro
Ceiling fan with remote control HO.VSR1212 22.45Euro close 22.45Euro
2 burners gas stove HO.HPG219 39.90Euro close 39.90Euro
Wall hair dryer HO.HP1619M 24.90Euro close 24.90Euro
80 cm tower fan HO.VETT761MQ 28.79Euro close 28.79Euro
Sub-Total: 342.31Euro