Product Qty. Price Edit Total
Steam cooker HO.VP800 35.99Euro close 35.99Euro
Professional 600 Watt blender with glass jar HO.FM6011 29.99Euro close 29.99Euro
Professional hair dryer with AC motor HO.HPAC2028P 19.19Euro close 19.19Euro
45 liters electric oven with convection HO.FE4512L 95.00Euro close 95.00Euro
Professional 600 Watt blender with glass jar HO.FM6017 35.99Euro close 35.99Euro
80 cm tower fan HO.VETT761MQ 28.79Euro close 28.79Euro
Gummy maker HO.GM400 23.99Euro close 23.99Euro
Digital scale for children HO.HBB222 17.99Euro close 17.99Euro
Electric streightner brush HO.HPI200S 8.99Euro close 8.99Euro
2 in 1 stick bagless vacuum cleaner HO.SE1540ERP 47.99Euro close 47.99Euro
50 liters premium electric oven with convection HO.FE5006LPM 115.19Euro close 115.19Euro
Slow juicer HO.SJ616 69.90Euro close 69.90Euro
Electric launch box HO.LB401G 11.99Euro close 11.99Euro
Muffin maker HO.MFM700 23.99Euro close 23.99Euro
Sub-Total: 564.98Euro